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mikki said:
How about DT 190 ceramic? Any experience with em? They are not as dynamic looking and black instead of the silver..just wondering.

I think my LBS will be building DTswiss wheels for me; he does a great build I understand, but I want to do my own research on the hubs
I have a pair with over 400 miles now. They are VERY smooth and wondefuul. Not cheap though. They were dead slient when I go them. Now that they are broken-in, they have that usual DT buzz. No like CK though..,

I've been doing a bunch of research on the WI hubs now. I have heard nothing but great things about them. I did'nt know much about them on the road side until I saw Liergo building a ton of them. I knew their MTB Eno hubs were great.

I have to say if I wanted a Polished hub, WI is that I would go for. They are VERY nice looking. The more I see them the more I like them.
Nothing looks as good as them IMO in polished.
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