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Started feeling guilty about probably blinding oncoming drivers, riders on the MUT, and in upcoming group rides...went from my 2400 lumen Exposure Maxx-D v8, to the new Exposure Strada 1200 (lumen). It has a "road specific" beam pattern, and wider spread "on the road" than the Maxx-D, which is made for trails. It was pricey, but has good run time, remote switch, (5) different programs (which could have been adjusted better), and a definite beam cut-off which should be somewhat less annoying. The physical switch, and remote switch, are much easier/safer/consistent to use than the Maxx-D's capacitive switch. The remaining run time display automatically flips if mounting the light upside down...the (2) green LEDs show range of remaining battery for easier viewing, which turn orange, then red as it drains. I couldn't get any shots of the beam outside and had to do the video in the house, and shot on a phone, but video shows the pattern pretty well:


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