Factor Bikes confirmed the name of their all new road bike model the Vis Vires when they released the above teaser shot of the bike. The new bike will be a consumer version of their limited edition Aston Martin One-77 Cycle. The Aston Martin One-77 Cycle like the car was an ultra expensive limited edition bike, only 77 were produced at $40,000 each. Also like the car, the bike featured plenty of carbon fiber, utilizing the material for the frame, fork, and handlebars to keep weight to a minimum. The complete bike included Shimano Dura-Ace components, carbon fiber wheelset, high intensity front and rear LED's, and as one would expect on a $40,000 bike, hand stitched leather handlebars and saddle, to continue the theme of the hand built Aston Martin One-77 sedan.

The bike also featured an advanced computer system that incorporated an impressive amount of sensors such as GPS, a rear wheel speed sensor, and a crank position sensor to track speed, altitude, GPS location and heart rate and display it on a screen built into the handlebar.

The crown jewel on the bike is the power meter crankset. Factor is the only company to be offering a power meter crankset that records independent power from both the left and right crank arms. The crankset has been in development for over three years, and Vis Vires is said to feature an even newer version of the proprietary power meter. The 'Vis Vires' moniker then makes total sense, given the Latin word 'vis' translates to power. The new cranks will be built around the latest 10/11 speed Dura Ace chainrings, and not the older style found on the One-77 Cycle, in doing so it also loses quite a bit of weight.

A subsidiary of bf1 systems, Factor Bikes, has deep roots in the motorsport industry. If you know motorsports, it's very much data driven, tons of data logging. The engineers at Factor wanted to be able to offer a crank that collected as much power data from the rider as possible.

"Not only do they do independent left/right power, but they record at such a massively high data rate that they require our own data logger box to record the massive amount of data. ANT+, which the cranks are able to do so they can communicate to Garmin and other ANT+ enabled devices, only records data at a maximum of 2hz." said Steve Domahidy of Factor Bikes. "The low data rate keeps battery consumption low and size of files low while still giving you the on board information needed. Our cranks record at 200hz, and record data at every degree of a 360 degree pedal stroke, logging how much power you put down in every degree of pedal rotation."

Also confirmed is the launch of the new road bike, it's now set for Spring of 2013. The Vis Vires will be unveiled at private launch instead of the inital plan of launching it at the tradeshows this fall.

"The initial plan was to launch the Vis Vires at an industry show, but we didn't want to rush (or delay) the launch to meet show dates," says James Shingleton, business development director, "The Vis Vires will be ready in the Spring next year, so that's when we'll launch it!"

The Original Factor Bike, the Aston Martin One-77 Cycle, a concept bike for the Vis Vires


[youtube width="600" height="361"]httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxcAeLo-naE


Browse through the One-77 photos below and get an idea of what the Vis Vires is going to look like. Any predictions what features will make it to production? Pricepoint?