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Fast Forward Carbon Wheels

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Has anyone ridden Fast Forward wheels (FFW)?

I have found the F5R carbon wheels with DT 190 hubs to be priced equal to or below ZIPP, Easton, and Reynolds at $1,792. The F5R wheels with DT 240's are priced even less at around $1,400.

With the 190 hubs I don't see how these wheels can compare to either the ZIPP, Easton or Reynolds wheels. The carbon rims are made out of what FFW call TC35 material - Is anyone familiar with this material or process?

Thanks for any information.
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ffwd use gigantex rims

the f5r is a very good wheelset, the price is unreal
I am also thinking about FFWD wheels they seem like a great wheel at a really good price but I really haven't heard much about them.

I have been waiting months for the F6R-c 240s (clincher) ... waiting on the Canadian distributor to get stock. [next week they say]

The Gigantex rim statement has been refuted previously -- it may have been on Weight Weenies.

Is the 190 really worth almost $400 more than the 240 ?
4cmd3 said:
Is the 190 really worth almost $400 more than the 240 ?
Probably not. Ceramic is really “my pen15 is bigger” and the weight isn’t really important rotating weight. It’s rotating in the very strict sense, but it’s truly negligible.
FFWD is a company that will standby there warranty. I have my F5R front crack, because of the overheat issue. But they are happy to replace it with a set of new rim. Given we are working around their scehdule.
Any additional info, usage updates or reviews on the FFWD F6C-c 240's or 190's?
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