Buying a Father's Day gift for dad can be a headache. Rather than giving him a cliché gift such as a new set of BBQ tools or an ugly necktie, try impressing him with something to help him hit the road.

To get things rolling, we've assembled a list of 10 great Father's Day gift ideas. Even if you don't know anything about bikes, you're guaranteed to hit a home run with one of these great gifts for the cyclist dad in your life.

Father's Day Gift Ideas For Cycling Dads

Gift Card to an Online Retailer
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Let's face it, mountain bikers can be hard to shop for, but it's never too late to give someone the perfect gift (especially if they can choose it themselves.) Digital gift cards are delivered the same day via email and can be redeemed immediately. You can choose to send the e-Gift Card directly to them or send it to yourself to deliver to them at a later date. Plus, you can personalize the message in the email to show how much they matter to you. Here are four great online retailers that can offer a wide range of great products for the cyclist in your life.
Specialized Power Comp Saddle
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Don't be a pain in dad's ass. The Power Comp Saddle differs a little from some of its Power brethren, but that's not a bad thing. It still features the curved, comfortable design of Body Geometry, built around a stiff, carbon-reinforced shell—it's just been built a little more burly, that's all. The Power Comp uses hollow Cr-Mo rails, which end up adding more weight than carbon or titanium, but in the end provide a higher level of durability. And they deliver superior performance in aggressive seating positions.

Price: $130.00
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POC Octal MIPS Helmet
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When we're covering our craniums in anticipation of a big ride, we're looking for a few things on our dream helmet checklist: Comfort, ventilation, and fit. The Octal MIPS Helmet checks off every box. POC is a Swedish company with a mission to protect our lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for all athletes. Riding trails, gravel, or racing across tarmac, POC has our back. The Octal MIPS Helmet is distinctly airy with large vents that help offer airflow, and it's lined with EPS, which is thicker in the most exposed areas for further protection. Extended coverage is included over the temples and the back of the head. The fully-wrapped unibody shell enhances structural integrity, but also maintains a low weight. For comfortability, POC designed the Octal MIPS Helmet with ergonomic straps that are fully adjustable and ensure an appropriate fit.

Price: $199.95
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Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Bar Tape
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Sticky Cush is Supacaz's tackiest tape, making it the ideal choice for bar tape purists who appreciate a touch of comfort but only as long as it doesn't muddy bar feel. It resists the elements, both dry and wet, and ensures that a bit of a spring shower doesn't mean your hands will slip off the bars at the slightest bump in the road. When those bumps do happen, the thin-yet-effective Kush cushioning keeps chatter to a minimum.

Price: $45.00
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Spurcycle Compact Bell
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Making friends on the bike path is easy when we have the Spurcycle Compact Bell installed. This fancy little bell rings loud and clear, letting all our fellow trail users know that we’re coming up on their left. Made of strong and loud bronze, this bell packs a punch when we need it, helping us be seen even when we’re not in sight.

Price: $42.00
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Bontrager Spring Roll
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Bontrager teamed up with the gear specialists at Silca to launch this new take on the classic seat bag. The Spring Roll uses the proven BOA Closure System to secure ride essentials. Three compartments keep everything sorted and the fold-in-half and roll-up design mounts to saddle rails with a centered security strap and the BOA Closure System. Durable water-resistant materials feature reflective stitching to give it all a classy, functional look.

Price: $64.99
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Feedback Sports Pro Elite Bicycle Repair Stand
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The Pro Elite Bicycle Repair Stand is a perfect choice when travel weight and size limits are a concern. Its legs and clamp head quickly fold into a 37" super-compact, lightweight unit weighing just 10.5 lbs add to that it does not require tools for easy set-up and tear down and you have a great repair stand that is portable and easy to use.

Price: $330.00
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Pro Torque Wrench
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With so much carbon on modern bicycles, torque wrenches are becoming more of a necessity. The PRO Torque Wrench will provide you everything you need to properly tight the bolts on your stem, handlebars, seatpost and more! No longer worry if you're over-tightening your bolts and crushing your expensive carbon fiber components with the PRO Torque Wrench!

Price: $139.99 $109.99
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Topeak LineUp Stand
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Does dad need a better way to store his bikes? Topeak has the answer. The LineUP is a lightweight, tubular folding stand for storing and displaying bicycles. A spring-loaded arm stabilizes the front or rear wheel and accepts wheel diameters from 20" to 29".

Price: $74.95
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Abbey Decade Chain Tool
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If there's one thing we've learned from Abbey Bike Tools is just how fastidious the company is about the material choices, development, and design it instills into each and every tool. Take the Decade Chain Tool for instance. It spent a full two years of prototyping, testing, and revising before it was deemed ready for professional mechanics and for your shop. Abbey claims to have broken over 10,000 chains on a single tool and pin during its development, the equivalent of three chain installs per day, every day for 10 years, hence the name.

Price: $175.00
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