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Instead of the traditional family bike ride (with both kids on tag alongs), the family let me get a 60 mile ride in alone. We followed that with lunch at my favorite diner. After lunch, our 1st grader finally rode his two wheeler unassisted. After months of battling his fears, he finally took off on the bike. He was riding scooters and roller blading but the bike had him psyched out. However, he just decided it was time and away he went like a duck to water.

His ride was definitely the highlight of the day. He spend the afternoon just cruizing around the neighborhood and was loving every minute of it.

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Consider your Blessed

My father's day ride lasted about a mile or so. I left to meet a group ride at 8AM on Sunday at a LBS. As I left I kept hearing something that sounded like my deraileur was out of alienment ( I made some adjustments the day before and thought I made a mistake). The plan was to continue on until I made it to the bike shop, but at about the one mile from home point my chain broke.

I stood at the end someone's driveway trying to fix my chain with an old chocolate lab barked non stop. Unable to pop the link I walked home.

For the record riding shoes are not made for walking AKA blisters.

Once home I was able to use a bigger chain tool and drop the link. However I took out too many links and as I raced with the hopes to catch the group my drive train froze as I shifted to a big gear about a block from my house.

Pissed... I slumped back into my house
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