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Well, I've started "training" but I'm real new to it so I'm kinda just groping around in the dark. Anyway, I rode 70 miles Sunday at a 19 mph avg. speed and then did an easy 25 mile recovery ride last night. This morning I did my 20 mile "before work" ride and I had nothing on the leg back in. Normally I do this loop with at least a 20 mph avg speed and today I really had a hard time keeping the speed over 18 mph on the 10 mile return leg. For persective, I came down this stretch Sunday at the end of the 70 miles against a pretty stout head wind and could maintain 20 mph. Today there was hardly any wind and I was struggling to hold 18 mph.

So ok, it's fatigue but what do I do? I have the fast group ride tomorrow night (forget about tonight's uphill TT) and I was planning on doing a four hour (at least) ride on Friday. Should I take it easy until Friday? Did the Double Stuff Oreo binge last night have anything to do with it? Help?!?

As a sidenote, I deviated from my post ride routine last night in that I did not drink my recovery drink but I was really hungry so I had pot roast, chips and salsa plus the above mentioned Oreo binge. Is it mostly just fatigue from Sunday's ride or did the Oreos :p make that much of a difference or the combination?
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