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So anybody here have an article of cycling memorabia, a water bottle from Lance, signed jersey by Ullrich, picture with the riders from Banesto, etc..

My piece of memorabilia is a magazine published by Le'Equipe in 1953 dedicated to the first 50 years of the Tour de France. On one side it has a narrative of that years major accomplishments during the tour and on the other there are drawings by an artist know as "Pellos". Bought this in Paris while in vacation this past november.

I will try and scan some pictures and post them later this week.

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king eddy merckx autographed photo

from interbike '03. given to me last week, out of the blue, matter-of-factly. little did the giver know that the givee would take it home and put it in front of all the family pictures on the fireplace mantle, where it will remain.

all hail king eddy.

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Picture of me with Davis Phinney

We were riding up a mountain together and someone snapped the photo. The photog nicely gave me a copy. I shoulda had Davis sign it.

The story goes....I came up behind him on Fremont Pass in Colorado. He was off the side of the road getting a jacket from his wife (Connie Carpenter, Olympic gold medalist). As Davis was remounting his bike, I blew past him yelling (in my best Phil Ligget voice) ..."Listerman blows past Phinney like he's sitting still...." or something like that. Davis played along for a hundred yards or so then kicked it into a gear that mere mortals such as myself just don't posses. He was gone in a flash. When I got to the top, I reminded him that the day before he had said that he was a horribly slow climber. To make me feel even worse, he again reminded me that he was a sprinter and a horrible climber. I must be really slow. Quite an ego deflation event.

One of my favorite memories too.

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