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Post description and pics(?) of your favorite fixtie ride. I'm looking for a good route in the Baltimore area but I'd love to hear about the route you do. I'm trying to set a new 10-20 mile course I can do after work.
Lately I've just been doing about 10 loops around my neighborhood which is about 1.5 miles per loop. It has a light incline and a couple of short fast climbs and drops.



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Cool topic. Aside from the stereotypical quick trip to the coffee shop I'd say my fav fixie route is sort of rolly flat with a couple easier-than-they-look hills thrown in 15 miler with options to extend it up to around 50.

I like to sit up and take a look around when I'm on my fixed so routes are planned accordingly. The bike doesn't need your attention so you have time to take a look around, notice changes as the season progresses. Continous rollers are saved for days when some punishment is in order but I wouldn't call that my favorite.
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