Featured User Review: Cervelo Soloist Carbon Road Bike
by Jay

Overall Rating:
4 of 5
Value Rating:
5 of 5

Bike Setup
Cervelo Soloist Carbon/S2 Frame
Full DA7800
Cosmic Carbone SL (2007)
FSA cockpit

Favorite Ride:
Federal Highway ACT/NSW

Ive ridden and raced this bike for almost three years. It really is a solid all round performer that has served me really well. It was my dream bike in the 06 tour pelaton!

This is a very fast bike that does tender noticeable increases in speed if you have the power to take advantage of its aerodynamic qualities. If your a weekend warrior who smashes out a 25km/h average speed, these qualities will not really be that noticeable. Its when youre spinning along at 35km+ that you start to notice the true quality of the frame. It may be in my head, but it just seems easier to hold a higher pace on this bike relative to my six13. Not only does it seem faster, but the ride is smoother and just a lot better!

Though the ride is solid, it does seem to lack a certain magic about it. its very difficult to quantify, but there is a certain sprightliness or panache missing here. its fast, stable etc, but not inspiring - at least after 3 years of riding it.

As for descending, I can really comment because the ride quality is confounded by the cosmic carbones. Ostensibly it is perfectly functional and reliable. But, the cosmics are TERRIBLE descending wheels! they make the ride nervous and twitchy. Ive only swapped out the front wheel a couple of times and this has made a big difference. Cosmic carbones are very reliable and reasonably fast, but they ruin the ride quality when there is a decent cross wind. (I dont know hoe significant rider wieght is, but Ive heard lighter riders feel the effects more. Im 59kgs.

As for value, these days you can get this bike at bargain prices. I think you can bike one up for about 4000-4500 retail. I imagine you would be hard pressed to find a better bike in this price range.

Noticeable increase in speed when coupled with deep section carbon rims relative to a bike with traditional tube shapes with box sectioned clinchers (possibly around 2km/h increase to your average speed).

Reasonably stable at speed if there is no cross-wind.

Looks great

The frame could be stiffer. It is by no means a significant compromise to potential speed, but it does lack a certain zing whilst climbing. When accelerating on the flat its ok.

DO NOT put cosmic carbones on this bike. They completely ruin the ride quality whilst descending/at speed even with the slightest cross winds.

The ride quality is fine over smooth tarmac, but once the roads start getting rough (like over the ACT boarder into NSW roads) the ride quality goes out the window.

You'll need one of those 17 degree stems if you want a very aggressive position. I have a 54cm frame and about 6.7cm of drop from the tip of the saddle to the handle bars with no spacers. I wouldnt mind an extra .5-1cm of drop.

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