Featured User Review: Fuji Touring Road Bike
by Ray Lovinggood

Price: $800.00 at Cycle Logic
Overall Rating:
4 of 5
Value Rating:
5 of 5

Bike Setup:
Headlight: Cygolite Expilion 250
Taillight: PDW Dangerzone
Rack Pack: Lone Peak RP-700 (used every day)
Baskets: Basil Cardiff (installed and used occasionally).
Fenders: SKS to be installed very soon.
Computer: Cateye Mity 8 (old fashioned - wired.)
Pedals: "Campus Pedals" from Performance Bike. Plain on one side and with SPD clip on the other.

I bought this bike to serve as my commuter, not as a "Touring" bike, but the machine rides so nicely that I'm giving the idea of actually touring some thought. I believe mine is a 2011 model. It has the "quill" style stem and bar end shifters.

After looking unsuccessfully for a used bike that "looked right", was the right size, and had provisions for a rack, I ended up buying this bike new. On the test ride and for the first week or two, it felt quite odd with the 175mm cranks and overall geometry as compared to my other bikes. I didn't quite like it. But now, I love it.

I've purchased SKS fenders and hope to install them soon.

My daily commute totals only 14.5 miles, broken into two legs in the morning and two in the afternoon, with a 30 mile bus ride separating the legs. The longest leg of the commute is only 6 miles, but I must say, it is a sweet 6 miles!

I have ridden it on a few "road rides" with the longest being 50 miles and I was quite pleased with all of the rides.

With the longer cranks and lower BB as compared to my road bike and even the older commuter, I had to realize that I couldn't power through the curves as I had previously, lest I bury the low pedal into the pavement and "high side" my body. So now, I just coast through corners.

I'm very pleased with this bike. It has made my commute even more enjoyable.

Geometry and smooth ride really make me smile. The factory rear rack is great and the stock saddle gets along just fine with my butt.

The brakes. They always felt weak to me. Granted, my only other bike experience is EXTREMELY limited, but I do like the 105 brakes on my road bike and even the old Fuji Regis that the Touring replaced had better brakes. I complained every time I saw the bike shop owner. Finally, after only 860 miles, the pads were worn out and he replaced the stock Tektro's with a different design Tektro's. They are better, but still won't stop the bike like the 105's on my road bike.

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