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Featured Review: Giro Saros
by eskipka

Price Paid: $70.00 at Performance Bicycle
Review Date: March 22, 2010
Overall Rating:
5 of 5
Value Rating:
5 of 5

Bike Setup:
Trek 1.2
Specialized Phenom Saddle
Cateye comp
Stock parts slowly getting upgraded over time

I already had a decent helmet and it was still in working condition but I
thought it was time to upgrade to a legit road helmet.

My head measures right at 59 and I tried both the Large and Medium on before ordering. The medium was a little too tight on the temples even with the Rock lock all the way out so i tried on the large and it felt very comfortable. Going up in the sizes will also allow me to use this in the winter and put a cap under it. Definitely recommend the size up if you're RIGHT on the fence size wise. It will tighten up enough to be snug if you're at 59cm (I'd even venture to say it'd work if you're 57-58 I still have a few clicks I could go
on mine)

The straps are a little tricky to get just right (I'm OCD about those things) but by no means make this a 4/5 helmet because of that. The Rock Lock works great once you get it dialed just right and doesn't slip once you set it. You COULD do adjustments with one hand but it's best to do it with two but I don't know anyone that is adjusting their helmet all the time mid ride or who can't ride no hands for the 2 seconds it takes to adjust.

At the price point I got this for it was a no brainer. It feels very light on the head, the amount and size of the vents
catching the wind directly is great and the vents in the back are both ample and large enough to keep the air moving over the head.

Aside from that it just looks attractive. It has a very high end look that would only be bettered by putting in the carbon fiber reinforcement (which you pay $80 more for). I got the Blue and silver one to go with my bike and the colors are great. Doesn't have too may graphics to make you feel like you're wearing a kiddy helmet. It also doesn't give you that classic mushroom head look. The frontal area sticking out from your forehead isn't excessive like some cheaper helmets out there.

Great buy!

  • Large and ample vents catching wind up front
  • No mushroom head
  • Light
  • Very high end look for less than the high end price
  • Straps are hard to get exactly perfect (but don't take long at all to get right (and I've never picky about how the straps are)