Featured User Review: Hutchinson Intensive Tires
by zeno303

Price: $24.00 at Performance
Overall Rating:
5 of 5
Value Rating:
5 of 5

Bike Setup:
Lightspeed Ulimate all Ti frame with Easton carbon fork, Mavic Kysriums (sp?)& a mixture of Campy Chorus & Centaur components.

Favorite Ride:
Peak to Peak highway

This review is for the 23c tubed model. I found the key to getting the most out of this tire is running the psi a little lower than normal. I weigh about 200lbs & had been running Hutchinsons at about 120-125. That's too high for the Intensive, which has relatively stiff, almost tubeless like sidewalls & doesn't require as much air for a comfortable, fast rolling ride. (I broke a spoke running 125.) I now run it at about 115-117 & have had no problems with pinch flats. It's not quite as lively as a Michelin krylion, but has much better sidewall protection. Sidewall cuts always did me in on Michelins. I'd say its more comfortable than a Rubino Pro.

This tire is so bullet proof, I can run a light weight tube, which helps with the ride & rotating mass. They weigh about 235 gr, which is light for a long wearing, protected tire. I have had zero flats or cuts this winter riding 2,000+ miles on crappy Boulder CO roads and the tire hardly looks worn. The ride is not overly "belty," like some Kevlar tires I have ridden that transmit every pebble. No shatter hand on rough roads. I have had no problems cornering on wet roads & handling is generally precise without getting out of shape on rough patches. I am now running an Intensive on the rear & a Fusion 3 on the front (also zero flats) because I get 95% of my flats on the rear. That is a very effective combination. The Intensive replaced my Hutchinson Fusion Long Distance tire (the previous model)which I got over 5,000 miles on & it looks like the Intensive will last as long.

The icing on the cake is that these tires are heavily discounted.

Very durable & relatively light for a durable, protected tire with a comfortable ride if you drop the pressure a tad. Can be found for less than $30. I give it 5 stars because it does what it is supposed to do very well.

Not as lively as a set of Open CXs, but what do you expect form a tire that gets this kind of mileage? Use other tires for serious Crits etc.

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