Featured User Review: Inside Ride eMotion Roller System
by off-camber

Price: $650.00 at ebay
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I've had very little experience on rollers prior to getting the e-motions. I did my homework and looked at a number of different options for winter training. Because of the resistance, these won over several other fantastic rollers.

I did not expect that I would be doing intervals, sprint work and climbing on these rollers... but with my power tap, it is now the only thing I need to train through the winter. The e-motion rollers saved my winter training - bottom line. I have hammered on these things for 2 years, and they are still quiet, smooth and I look forward to riding them, whereas my trainer was looking more like some cruel torture device after 1 month.

I was asked if I rode a regular set of rollers, would the skills be transferable from the floating rollers - yep. I mount fixed rollers with a little more than one pedal stroke - I'm more attentive, but that is it. An added benefit that I noticed is that my core strength on the bike is improved in the spring. Definitely worth the extra cash if you want what I think is the best off-season training tool out there.

  • Variable resistance
  • Smooth bearings
  • Well designed and excellent machining
  • Seemingly bombproof
  • Able to crank out wattage which almost matches wattage put out on the road.
  • Quiet
  • Best thing to match road feel while riding inside
These are a wish list rather than weaknesses: If it could be engineered; wattage and remote resistance variation would make this thing absolutely complete.

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