Featured User Review: Light & Motion Seca 700 Race
by ben wright

Price: $480.00 at rei
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5 of 5
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5 of 5

Bike Setup:
trek 5500 campy record 9.....
and that madone still in my dreams.
but those pinarellos are looking very sweet.

Favorite Ride:
any hills

I posted a review of the VEGA 200 some time back and was so impressed by the quality of the light I had to get another light from light & motion.

So I chose the 700 race. Wow - I can't see the need for more light than this. The beam on the Seca 700 at low setting is 175 lumens, the high setting for the VEGA is 200 lumens. But the brightness and light spread is brighter on the seca than the VEGA, with the Seca 700 having 25 less lumens on low.

With the Seca 700 set on high, I can see further down the road than needed. Light covers both sides of the road, across the ditch and even illuminating the houses quite well, which is a big plus for seeing people or dogs.

Please understand this is a very bright light and if you are using this for road commutes you will need to dim the light for oncoming traffic. Which is why I chose the seca race model, it allows you to go from high to low in one button push totally skipping the medium and flash mode.

Made in usa
Check out the awards this company has won.
The company is all about being green.
The quality of their lights show.(and well seen)
Long burn time 12hrs on low 5hrs on high (race model)
Its l.e.ds ...when dropped they still work.
Heavy duty cord for battery pack and light.
Very light weight for the power.
Really nice charging system lets you know when its complete.
Charger knows the battery types and will let you know by l.e.d status. helpful if words are worn off battery pack.
The light head swivels.

I would like to see 2 cords supplied with this product so cyclists would have the option of a longer cord for pack mount or shorter cord for bar mount.

Similar Products Used:
vega 200, demo many others. some for the weekend. my bike shop is friendly.

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