Featured User Review: Masi Speciale Commuter Bike
by blakcloud

Price: $600.00 at Bikes on Wheels
Overall Rating:
4 of 5
Value Rating:
4 of 5

For the money this is a great bike. It does exactly what it was designed to do and does it with aplomb.

First you start out with a steel frame and flat crown fork which gives it that old world charm. No oversize tubing here. The geometry of this frame is designed around stability. If you want a bike that hugs the corners and is tight, this isn't for you. If you want a stable comfortable bike, then consider this one. My car analogy is this is more like a Cadillac rather than a Ferrari.

It comes with Ritchey bars and stem which is a nice touch. The rest of components are so-so but you need to expect this for the price of the bike.

Having 32c tires for commuting is something I would have never thought of but now wouldn't never go back to something smaller. The large air volume soaks up all what the rough roads have to offer. The Kenda tires are bullet proof.

Overall I love this bike, so much so I purchased a second one and I am turning it into a 1 x9 speed. With it having horizontal dropouts for single speed or fixed and a derailleur hanger, you have many options of what ever your needs are.

The sizes can be a little wonky where it jumps from 53 to a 56. I have my bike set up like you would a Rivendell. Normally I ride a 54, so the first bike I bought was a 53 but the tube was too short. Then jumped to the 56 which is really a 55 and it fits much better in the cockpit. The third one is also a 56.

If I could change one thing it would be do lower the bottom bracket just a little bit. The problem with most single speed/fixed bikes that are used for commuting have a bottom bracket that is too high. This is unnecessary in a commuter bike.

Steel frame, flat crown fork, good value for the money.

The crank is a boat anchor at best. The bike is heavier than I would like but as I said for the money you can't complain.

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