Featured Review: Polar CS500 Cycling Computer
by wassler7

Price: $319 MSRP
Review Date: July 8, 2010
Overall Rating:
4 of 5
Value Rating:
4 of 5

Bike Setup:
Dura ace 7900. 50/85mm carbon clinchers, aero flat bars, deda zero stem.

Okay.. I needed a new hrm. the old S510 warhorse was showing clear signs of old age. So it was time to let it retire and get a new hrm.

I settled for the Polar CS500. from now on i'll be comparing it to the S510.

basic features:
I t beats the S510 hands down in this regard. Herat rate and cycling read outs are just spot on all the time. No weird reading, no breaks,.. Just good reliable functioning. Added to that you get aheight and temperature meter too. Win for the SC500.

ease of use.
here the CS500 shines less. While the rocking buttons work pretty well and convenient on the bike, making adjustments on settings is a bit less convenient with this device because you are have one button too little. Like when changing a value you can only go up. If you overshoot you have to go up until reset. Not a huge thing. But I liked the 4 buttons on the S510.

training features.
Here the CS500 truly lets me down. No ability to store multiple exercise sets, no interval training guide. All feature that are available in the old S510. Big dissapointment here. especially for a product that's marketed for serious training.

Computer connectivity
hands down win for the CS500. the W.I.N.D. data link works very well. You do need your hrm to be close to it. But it works much better than the sonic clink the S510 has. Only downside is the fact that the CS500 is only compatible with Polar personal trainer webservice. Which is kinda limited in features.

The CS500 is definately a good product. thou people looking for enhanced training fetures should look elsewhere. Though for people who just want to have a reliable hrm that accurately records the training It's hard to beat this one.

price is about right so 4 is a fair score. for value. Overall I give it a 4. I'd rather give it 3.5 Mosly due to it's lack of being your personal training coach.

reliability, accuracy, large display, good computer connectivity, looks pretty good for a polar product

not as user friendly as other Polar products I've used, limited training features, only comatible with Polar personal trainer webservice (no stand alone software available) No backlight (outdoor training during winterdays might be less convenient)

Similar Products Used:
Polar S510 (an oldie)

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