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by Corsaire

Price: $1800.00 at Westwood Cycle
Overall Rating:
5 of 5
Value Rating:
5 of 5

Bike Setup:
Dura Ace 2011, 130mm stem, FSA K-Wing compact, DA carbon pedals, San Marco Arrowhead saddle, Ksyrium SLs and AM Sprint 350s.

Favorite Ride:
Any day

This is the Filipo Pozzato 2010 ISP model. XS Ridley size.
The reason why I got my Damocles is because of Giant, back in May 2010 I was set on buying a Giant TCR Advanced ISP frame but they were sold out for the year due to the crisis, short production run. That June, after some research and bike watching at some CAT 1 races I liked the aesthetics of the Damocles and its pedigree and Euro pro race proven qualities, Robbie McEwen's favorite. I'm so glad fate led me to Ridley, I couldn't have been happier with this bike and for much less money. No wonder Pozzato made this model his while the sponsorship lasted. It has to be ridden to believe it. Ridley's best kept secret, seriously.

I built mine with DA 2011 gruppo (Dec 2010) and Mavic Ksyrium SLs, on very hilly routes with buddies I put on the AM Sprint 350's. I already have about 3,600 miles logged on it. It's a well made frame, durable, strong due to the tube shapes, very rigid without being harsh, although it can be on the front if going over enough road cracks, that's why I now put about 5 PSI less than in the rear, and it's much better on my hands now. But it has taught me to relax more my hands on the handlebar, the way it should be anyway, no death grips here.

I had an old Ultegra/FSA gruppo but I retrofitted it last December. Now with the DA components it makes for a sharper and nimbler ride, bike is lighter, has a far better drive train efficiency, crisper shifting and most of all feels stiffer, especially when climbing due to the outer BB. It has no choice but to jump forward like a scalded cat!

I come from steel, carbon and Aluminum bikes but I'm no racer, and at 165 lbs I can be competitive on fast paced group rides. An excellent all around bike, a rocket on the flats, a mountain goat on the hills. I feel my Damocles glide over the roads. It moves with you when standing on the hills, the headtube doesn't twitch or flexes, wants to go forward and it tracks as if on rails. This bike screams to be pushed. I couldn't recommend it enough for those who want a 'pure bred' at a lower cost.

Very responsive
All arounder

Fork could be harsh if high PSI used.

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