Featured Review: Rotor Q-Rings
by kevin32

MSRP: $265
Review Date: May 24, 2010
Overall Rating:
4 of 5
Value Rating:
4 of 5

Bike Setup:
Look 595 Ultra, Mix of Campy SR and Record 11 parts. Campy Hyperon Ultras.

Used product for
3 months

These came on a recent purchase of a compact crankset. I'm using the Aero 52T outer ring and a 36T inner ring. I'm running these on a Look 595 Ultra with full Campy Record 11 speed setup (excluding cranks obviously). For comparison I have a Pinarello Prince with full SR11 setup (Campy 50/34t compact cranks with standard rings) as well.

I'm still testing, but after several long rides (60-80 miles) here is what I've noticed so far. 1) It took almost no time to adjust to the feel of the q-rings and switching between bikes is pretty much effortless. 2) My spinning efficiency is improved on the q-rings, as they simply feel more natural. My cadence did increase a bit and with less effort. 3) My legs were more sore after using at the beginning because I was engaging my hamstrings more, which is where I felt the soreness most. My regular round rings put more emphasis on my quads. However, I starting to find that I'm stronger on my regular rings after riding the q-rings, most likely because my hamstrings are definitely getting stronger from the q-rings. 4) My knees hurt less and I feel less fatigued after long rides. However, this did not happen right away, as you need to finish the break-in period that Rotor describes on their website. 5) Shifting is very good, but definitely a notch down from my full Campy setup. I feel it shifts more like my previous Record 10 group (i.e. less smooth and a bit noisier). I haven't had a single dropped chain after 400 miles. 6) I must admit they look rather cool.

I'm not certain I climb better yet, but will find out after I try the Horrible Hilly 100 next month (200K and 11,000 ft of climbing (18% grades on some parts)). Should be interesting/painfull. I did it last year using Campy Record 10 (compact crank with a 25t on the rear)

Lastly, the inner rings are far less ovalized than the outer, so it's tough to feel the difference between my bikes while climbing. I feel most of the difference when in the big ring. I will try to remember and post how they/I performed.

Better pedal stoke with decreased knee pain. Not sure about the climbing part yet, but I'm smoother and slightly faster on the flats....we'll see. Definitely something that's fun/interesting to try and seems to have some merit.

Shifting is slightly worse, but still good. Price isn't terrible either.

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