Featured User Review: Seven Axiom SL Titanium Road Bike
by Dajianshan

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After I cracked the HT on my former scandium alloyed bike, I felt I was at a point in my riding where I wanted to go custom. I was looking for a titanium frame that could be built up as a solid race bike tuned for stiffness, responsiveness, snap, and some road feel. I also don't like the nulled road feel of so many CF bikes.

After considering the field of custom titanium frames, I chose the Axiom SL by Seven Cycles for a number of reasons. I liked Seven's reputation for mastering custom fit. I also liked Seven's wide array of tubing options, which Seven custom orders from the mill itself. A lot of custom ti fabricators simply buy what the mill is selling, Seven actually works with the mill to provide Seven tubes and then Seven custom butts the tubes in house. I felt this would be best for tuning the feel I was looking for. I tried several cheaper titanium bikes, but they felt too relaxed or the walls felt too thin. Too... boring. One was even spongy. Seven could give me a tuned ride in a titanium race bike. I also liked the short shipping times and reputation to ensure I would not have to chase them around the RBR forums if something went wrong. I live 8000 miles from Watertown, Mass. and the assurance of so many satisfied customers and reviewers meant a lot. This is a bike I am going to use and use hard... and not feel nervous about using hard.

After 6 months I have been able to run this frame in races, TT, centuries, technical descents, steep climbs, club rides, and lazy coffee rides. Seven nailed it and nailed it good. I hoped I had communicated my ideas across to the fit specialist and it appears I did. This thing climbs very well, descends with confidence and outstanding stability, I am positioned perfectly to automatically climb around the cockpit and always be in a good position. With the Campy *katunk!* gruppo and Fulcrum Racing 1 wheels, the bike feels as if it had been forged from a single piece and sculpted into a perfectly balanced instrument.

Furthermore, if you are going to pay $3000-$4000 for a bike frame, at least a custom titanium bike can go a bit further to justify the cost. So many of these CF rigs are just purchased and branded at 60%-70% profit right out of the mold. In Taiwan we see a lot of that and it just ruins your concept of CF value. *sigh!*

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I know one day the decals will peel. Fork is a little soft. It is a lot to justify to the wife...

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