Featured User Review: Specialized Tricross Sport Cyclocross Bike
by Matthew

Price: $1150.00 at City Bikes, Washington
Overall Rating:
4 of 5
Value Rating:
5 of 5

Bike Setup:
Swapped the 32c tires for 25c. Threw on some lights and ditched the reflectors. Added a bell to ward off pedestrians. All the little things that make the experience commuting in the city a little better. Otherwise, everything else that is stock is still on.

My first bike since I was 15 (I am 27 now). I am 6'7", 235 lbs riding on a 61 cm frame. It's a good overall ride. This bike is my primary source for commuting, but it is also fun to take out on the trails and the open road. The stock tires are great overall and provide ample traction but are slow and tiresome to work with. Recommend throwing on smaller slicks if you plan on mainly riding on good pavement.

The bike is at a decent weight of 24lbs and is not the fastest thing to ride, but does maneuver well. I ride all the time in DC where there are plenty of hills galor. Sometimes I find myself out pacing local traffic, especially when flying downhill on Independence Avenue. Also took it for a couple of spins through Rock Creek Park where there were plenty of slopes and fast/tight turns. Steering is very good but not extremely agile (perhaps this is do to my size as well as the size of the bike itself).

The bottom line is that this is a solid bike but doesn't really stand out of the pack. It's great for getting around down and hitting the open road.

Versatile enough to take on trails with lousy pavement and do some light off road riding. Handeling is nothing special but definitely not a weakness.

Shifting is adequate, though I find myself having to sometimes readjusting because the rear derailer can get a bit chatty after awhile, even after a good cleaning and greasing. None the less, the drivetrain keeps up well enough to navigate your way in and out of traffic. This won't be an issue in any other scenario.
The breaks are ok but not all that spectacular either.

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