Featured User Review: SRAM Red Crankset Review
by Dogpilot

Price: $299.00 at Carbon Connection
Overall Rating:
5 of 5
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Bike Setup
Colnago CX-1 Evo all SRAM Red, SRAM S-27 wheels
Litespeed Titanium All SRAM Red Mavic Aksium wheels

Favorite Ride:
Colnago CX-1 EVO

The SRAM Red compact crankset came with the Colnago when I bought it. Never having used SRAM before. I was a die hard Dura Ace rider, but I am converted. While some folks have commented on flex problems, I cannot duplicate them. I live in the mountains at 7,000' and have to do a lot of hard out of saddle hill climbing. This crank / chainring does not flex for me (5'11", 179lbs). I like the fact I can swap chainring when climbing out of saddle without fear the chain will skate on the ring switch. The Dura Ace tripe I had on my Litespeed would, frequently and painfully skate and it most defiantly flexed.

I liked the combo so much, I swapped out all the Dura Ace on my Litespeed Ti bike to SRAM red. Luckily, people still go for the Dura Ace's bike jewelry status and I sold it all on ebay from a small profit on the swap. Now I enjoy the Red compact crank on both bikes. Beats the fiddly aspects of a triple setup any day.

I did pick up a spare regular SRAM Red Crank for the days when I come down from the lofty mountains to the flats to pick up the higher gearing. Its a bit chilly here in the winter, so unless I want to live in the basement on rollers, I drop down to the coast and ride a weekend or two a month. The swap only takes about 15 minutes to change the crank, move the derailleur and time it.

I have one crankset on the SRAM Red GXP bottom bracket and the other on an Optimus ceramic GXP bottom bracket. Frankly, I cannot tell the difference in performance, but the Optimus was about half the price of the SRAM and came in gold, so it matched the bike (Litespeed) better.

Set it up right and you rarely have to fiddle with it again. Light and reasonably priced

I have one in their Red/Black combo and the black coating will wear revealing silver underneath.

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