Featured User Review: Vuelta Corsa-Lite 700c Clincher
by madurorr

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Bike Setup:
Look 555, Shimano 105.

I had seen the ads, and heard the rumors for some time now...

A reliable, stiff, and fairly light weight wheelset for just $300 that can support me at 190+ pounds? Yeah right.

Well, after much research and toil, I decided to find out for myself. I will compare these to my current set of Mavic Aksium Race.

Sure enough. $300 exactly and free shipping. Ok. Corsa Lites 1, Aksium 0.

Lighter than my Aksium's by a long shot. Aksium (1950 grams), Corsa Lites (1578 grams). That is about 1.1 pounds lighter in rolling resistance. Nice.

Corsa Lites 2. Aksium 0.

Tire changing was done by hand on both sets of rims without tools, so that is a good sign.

No change in points.

Short valve stem tube not working so well as the sidewall is shaped slightly different than the Aksium so the tire is not sitting well around the tube valve.

Corsa Lite 2. Aksium 1.

Skewers were quite light and attractive actually. Free wheel hub is very quiet compared to the Aksium. I will give them a point for this as there is nothing like a quiet ride in my humble opinion.

Corsa Lite 3. Aksium 1.

Spoke threading is much more sharply angled (if that is an accurate description I'm not positive) than the Aksium and therefore, my computer would not read the magnet due to the angle issue. Still haven't figured this one out yet. Most likely, I'll have to move the computer sensor to the back wheel where the stays are closer than they are at my front fork.

Corsa Lite 3. Aksium 2.

Ride quality. Noticeably different. No squeaking when under power (meaning the wheelset isn't flexing OR something else is tighter in the skewer area. I can't tell). Stiff indeed and the wheels remained true after many hard accelerations, standing and throwing the bike. I will say that I did feel like I wasn't working quite as hard going uphill as well due to the weight, but it wasn't like a "where did my wheels go" light. But, I could tell a positive difference compared to the Aksium.

Corsa Lite 4. Aksium 2.

Flat on my first ride! Boo. I haven't had a single pinch flat or otherwise from the Aksiums in three years of running them hard (with normal tubes - not ultralight)

Rim tape on the Corsa Lites is not ideal. Too thin, more narrow than most and I thought this could have been the issue. I changed it anyway on the rear but then realized that was my last roll. DUH!

Corsa Lite 4. Aksium 3.

So, that is where it stands at the moment. I will give them the victory in this comparison and a thumbs up so far.

A very good value for the money if you are a heavier rider like myself. I'm satisfied with my purchase at the moment, but I still need to work out that computer issue.

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