Featured User Review: Wilier Izoard Road Bike Review
by bruce.russell63

Price: $1700.00 at Competive Cyclist
Overall Rating:
4 of 5
Value Rating:
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Bike Setup
Full Rival, Mid-range FSA stem, bars, seatpost. Aksiums. Schwalbe Luganos. Total bike weighs in at about seventeen pounds on a quite accurate scale (wife has an eating disorder--nuf said).

Favorite Ride:
Escalera al Infierno

Bought this to replace my stolen Orbea. Had heard good things about Wilier and this bike and decided to take a flier. I am not disappointed. The bike is very different than my Orbea Onix. For one, it handles much, much better--like a Lambo versus a Camry. It is glued to every turn. Ridiculous, and fun. It is also quick to accelerate. I will say, though, that top speed on the flats is less effortless than the Orbea was. This may just be setup or geometry particular to me.

Handling in general and cornering in specific are second-to-none. You might have to spend thousands more to beat the cornering on this baby. It is awesome and I am in love. The SRAM Rival package has been wonderful for me. I happen to prefer the feel to that of Shimano, but I know it's a tomato tomahto thing. Fantastic braking--blows away my 105s. Rear shifting is a dream to me. I love the crankset, coming from gossamer.It is so reliable and so accurate. I'm in love with it. I ride along the Willamette River in Portland and it is quite windy in Winter. I looked hard at aero bikes, but I must say, the Wilier seems to cut through the wind admirably. I just don't think I'm giving up a lot to the Felt AR series or the Cervelo there.

Front derailleur has been a b*&^ch to get right. I understand may others have had similar issues. I am an idiot, which may explain some of this. But all I can recommend is, don't touch it unless you are a trained front SRAM guru--you'll go crazy. I've heard Red is worse. There you go. The other thing I would consider less than optimal is how it feels cruising the flats. It just seems less effortless than the Orbea was. But again, this may all be setup. Top speeds are comparable, it just feels less effortless than on the Orbea.

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