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mandasol said:

It's been a little over two weeks since my crash. My scars have all healed and my head is feeling back to normal. I had a follow up with my regular physician, and everything checks out fine. He left it up to me whether I wanted a referal to see a neurologist or not. Since I feel better now, and he doesn't see any problems I decided I was fine.

Thanks for everyone's advice. During that time I stayed off the bike and got a lot of rest, which I think contributed to the fairly quick full recovery.

Also, thanks to some other advice I got from this post I found out about the Bell helmet crash replacement policy. Bell Sports totally rocks! They shipped me a brand new replacement Sweep R helmet for only $35 total, and even before I was ready to get back on my bike.

Now I only need to convince my wife that riding my bike is safe, and I crashed only because of my own stupidity -- which she seems to think I have a lot of.
Glad you're recovered. "Gee, Honey, I was dumb before, but I'll be smarter next time," doesn't sound like a great way to get back on the bike :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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