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PdxMark said:
I have a bike on the way that will include nice aluminum Honsho fenders. I usually transport my bikes in roof racks that clamp to the fork. I can get a roof rack that doesn't use a full-length tray to accommodate the rear of the front fender. My question relates to the upper front lip of the front fender.

I'm concerned that the wind pressure from driving a couple hundred miles at highway speeds could fatigue, or maybe even bend, the upper lip of the front fender. Am I just being paranoid? I can mount the bike backwards, so the rear fender faces forward. But this would put the wind load on the rear fender stays. Is this any better?

I think you are just being paranoid. Haven't you ever had your bike up to 50+ before? If the fenders didn't buckle then they won't on the roof of your car.
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