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Because it's faster

bonkmiester said:
why are these guys still carrying water bottles?
Maybe they spent a little time in a wind tunnel.
John Cobb said:
John Cobb has done studies of the aerodynamic drag on riders. The data from one of his studies, dated January 11, 2000, is analyzed here.

Keep the jersey zipper zipped.
Ride on the drops.
Keep your drink bottles on the frame.
Carrying a drink bottle is better than not.

Wear an Aeropak under the jersey but better yet, keep the bottles on the frame.
Placement of aerobars is highly dependent on the rider...

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magnolialover said:
As someone else said, the weight of a water bottle ain't gonna matter much in a sprint really. If they lose a race because they're carrying a water bottle, well... Maybe they shouldn't be a pro racer.
when your on the flats the weight of your bike doesn't really matter (within obvious limits).
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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