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Well my Fiorelli project took a huge leap forward the last few days.

I finally got the frame painted yesterday and assembled most of it today. This is my first fixed gear bike so I'm still getting used to it, but so far it rides like a dream. And I got really lucky with that arrow straight chainline since I wasnt completely sure which length BB to get.

Build list so far is as follows:
Nitto b105 bars
Nitto Technomic stem
stitched leather grips made by me crankset
Shimano bottom bracket
Surly tack hubs with Salsa Delgado Cross rims, wheels built by myself
Shimano DuraAce cog and lockring
KMC chain

I still need to get some real pedals a Brooks seat and Thompson post. I'd rather use a cheaper post but unfortunately nobody else makes a post for this oddball size I think. Those bars will be lowered once I get something to sit on.

all in all it aint a bad bike for a frame thats like 40 years old

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ok...I have to it rides like a dream....did you ride it like that?....I mean no seat? could hurt yourself doing that!

Looks great......stealthy and classic...

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freetors said:
yes, I gave it a short 5 mile ride through the neighborhood yesterday without a seat. As long as I dont sit on my crack I sit on the top tube for a few minutes at a time.

wow that musta been quite a ride- no seat, no foot retention, no brakes
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