Three in one: chain wear check tool, chain hook tool, and chainring nut wrench. © Cyclocross Magazine

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Pedro's has been a staple of the bike industry for nearly 25 years, and what cyclocrossers may not realize was that the company was co-founded by none other than Bruce Fina, one of the promoters of the now-defunct USGP Series and one of the driving forces behind bringing Worlds to the US in 2013. This year, Pedro's unveiled some new cleaners and tools (and tool organizers) at Frostbike that may be perfect for the cyclocross racer's garage and race day pit setup.

Chain Pig Chain Cleaner

A mechanical chain cleaner isn't something new, as we've seen these before, but this one is new and improved, with the ability to be used hands-free. The drag-free derailleur hook provides simple use and hands-free operation, while a reservoir holds your cleaner or degreaser. Pedro's claim is that the Chain Pig chain machine provides a "simple, efficient, and effective way to clean your chain without making a mess or wasting valuable degreaser."

Pedro's new Chain Pig Cleaner features hands-free operation and has a sponge to wipe excess degreaser. © Cyclocross Magazine

How does it work? Pedro's explains: "The system allows effective cleaning using only one fluid ounce of degreaser. The stage one brushes effectively pull degreaser up from the reservoir and onto the chain. The chain is then scrubbed from all angles and finally pulled through a large durable sponge that wicks excess and contaminated fluid from the chain minimizing mess and dripping. The sponge also wipes the chain, filtering larger contaminants, and returning usable degreaser back for more cleaning."

The sponge is an interesting addition to the chain cleaner, and will keep your floor cleaner, or make sure less of the gunk enters into the environment at the race venue. You'll have less to clean up and Mother Nature will be happier. More good news? Compared to Pedro's old Chain Machine, their new cleaner drops $7 in price, at $28.00 MSRP.

See the Chain Pig in action:


Chain Checker Plus

Another tool that caught our attention was the multi-tasking $16 Chain Checker Plus, which shows you a simple worn/not worn measurement and tells you if your chain should be replaced, using hooks that isolate roller wear and play from the pin/plate wear that leads to actual chain elongation. We could write a thousand words discussing the intricacies of measuring chains and argue all sides of using rulers or various chain checkers, but we won't today. If you like a go/no go answer of whether your chain is worn due to pin wear, this is a tool for you.

Even if you prefer rulers over chain checkers, Pedro's Chain Checker Plus offers two additional functions (thus the "Plus") that make a strong case for it making your tool kit. The tool also functions as a chain hook tool, "perfect for simplifying chain removal and installation," which essentially detensions the chain to make installing or removing a master link a lot easier. At the end is a chainring nut wrench, which will help you tighten and loosen those pesky spinning chainring bolts.

On the end of the Pedro's Chain Checker is also a chainring bolt wrench. © Cyclocross Magazine

The only thing missing appears to be a bottle opener. But one of those hooks might suffice…or perhaps Pedro's, being an American company, wants you to buy domestic brews.

Burrito Tool Wrap and Starter Tool Kit

If you do a lot of work on bikes on race day in the tent or in the pits, or just love messenger bags, tool boxes and compartmentalized storage, you might be interested in the $40 Burrito Tool Wrap. The wrap offers 20 pockets offer ample space for all your existing full-size tools. You can unroll the wrap on your toolbench (or on the ground in the pit), or use the grommets and hang it on a wall (or on the side of a big bucket you're using in the pit).

Pedro's Burrito Tool Wrap holds 20 full-size tools. © Cyclocross Magazine

Don't have a complete tool set yet? They offer the Burrito Tool Wrap fully equipped and filled, in the form of the $150 Pedro's Starter Tool Kit that features 19 full-length tools.

Pedro's $150 Starter Tool Kit in the Burrito Tool Warp. © Cyclocross Magazine

And of course, sleep-deprived (and/or hard-partying) journalists and bike shop managers flocked to the Pedro's booth all weekend since Pedro's also sponsored the coffee at Frostbike, Intelligentsia coffee brewed by the cup by the cyclocross lovers at Angry Catfish Bicycle and Coffee Bar.

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