Trek Lync Front Light Beam

Trek Lync front light beam is enough to see with, even traveling at a fast clip of 15-20mph in complete darkness.

An interesting bike we saw at Trek World was the Trek Lync. This is a commuter bike with integrated, rechargeable LED lighting. But unlike previous efforts from other companies with tiny 'to be seen' lights, the Lync integrates a legitimate head light and tail light into the frame itself. A head light unit, similar to the the one used in the Bontrager Ion 700, is used. It is driven with a little bit of a lower current to lower heat levels and optimize run time. Thus, the light output is approximately 500 Lumens with a run time of 2.5 hours. For reference, typical AA powered commuter lights emit about 30-50 Lumens of light. So this light integrated into the head tube of the frame is enough to see with, even traveling at a fast clip of 15-20mph in complete darkness.

Trek Lync Light Turned On

Trek Lync light turned on.

Tail lights are also integrated into each of the seat stays, so they are visible from either side and won't be covered by optional pannier bags. The rear lights can be set to flash mode unlike the the headlight, which is not allowed to flash. There are two switches mounted on the bottom of the top tube, near the head tube. Either switch can turn the light on. When on, one button controls the rear light and flash modes and the other button controls the front light, light levels.

Trek Lync Tail Lights

Trek Lync tail lights are integrated into each of the seat stays.

The front light can be aimed up and down a few degrees. Aside from integration, the other benefit of the lights is theft prevention. Almost all good lights cost $100 or more and they are perched on the handlebar with either a rubber band or a screw. Thus, they are very easy to steal and the commuter has remove the light every time the bike is parked to prevent theft. An integrated light solution is part of the bike and is thus theft proof.

Trek Lync 3

Trek Lync 3.

The Trek Lync is available in two configurations, the Lync 3 and Lync 5. The Lync 3 retails for $990. The Lync 5 retails for $1320 and has better components and has an integrated rear rack. Both bikes come with disc brakes and the integrated lights.

Trek Lync Light Switch

Trek Lync light switch.

The switch is integrated in to the down tube of the frame. They're not on the handlebars at the moment to simplify and hide the wiring. Routing it through the steer tube, stem and bars can be troublesome.

Trek Lync Battery Mounted

Trek Lync battery mounted.

The battery is perched on an indentation in the frame and it doesn't get in the way of the water bottle. It is easily removed for charging. When initially connected, the lights flash to verify a good connection.

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