Velocity's new Aileron Pro disc brake wheelset.

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Aileron-or "Little Wing" in French-is the part of the plane wing that controls the aircraft in roll. Fitting for a cyclocross wheel, and perfect for the new Velocity rim and wheelset that the Florida-based company debuted at Frostbike this year. The Aileron will be available in two versions, Pro and Comp.

The Comp-MSRP $732.99-features DT Swiss comp spokes with brass nipples and weighs in at 800g/930g (front and rear). On the other hand, the Pro-MSRP $987.00-has Sapim CX Ray spokes with alloy nipples and weighs in at 745g/875g. Both version will have 24 spokes in front and rear.

Simply unthread this axle end cap and thread on a new one to convert from 135mm to 142mm rear spacing. © Cyclocross Magazine

The Aileron is a clincher wheel, sorry tubular fans, you'll have to look to the Major Tom rim if you want to glue your tires, but the company promotes the Aileron as tubeless ready for both road and cyclocross, with the use of their own 24mm Velotape tape. (You may want to seal off the deep center channel for low pressure cyclocross racing-see Issue 22 for more on tubeless rims and the ideal shape for burp-proof riding.)

Most exciting for cyclists who ride both mountain and cyclocross is the fact that you can convert the rear from 135mm rear spacing to 142mm to accommodate a rear thru axle-and swap between bikes, but you can be sure that thru-axle rear is coming to cyclocross as well. Additionally, you can buy freehub bodies to convert to Campagnolo or XX1 cassettes. The front hub will go to thru axle as well, by simply changing end caps, and Velocity sells conversion kits for $20.

Want to use a different dropout or different type of a cassette? The ATB Disc Convertible hub can easily change to 142mm or accept Campy or XX1 cassettes. © Cyclocross Magazine

Campagnolo, XX1 and Shimano/SRAM-compatible freehub bodies are available for the Velocity ATB Convertible hub on the Aileron road / cyclocross disc brake wheelset.

Campagnolo, XX1 and Shimano/SRAM-compatible freehub bodies are available for the Velocity ATB Convertible hub on the Aileron wheelset. © Cyclocross Magazine

The rim comes in spoke drilling options ranging from 24/28/32 in both black and polished, with more colors coming. The rims themselves retail for $134 each. Velocity goes wide with this new rim, consistent with the trend we've seen on the road and mountain side, with 20mm wide internal and 25mm wide external, and 28mm deep. The disc brake-only rim isn't super light at 480g, but is deeper and wider than your average road rim.

The rims are made in Florida, and QBP will build wheels (available through your shop) with this rim as well. Black and polished silver are the two current options, but Velocity plans to add more colors in the near future. Wheelsets come with internal cam quick releases-that's a nice, important touch that might save you from accidents. Internal cam quick releases are greatly undervalued. Trust us on that one.

A closer look at the 28mm deep, 25mm wide Aileron cyclocross / road disc wheelset from Velocity. © Cyclocross Magazine

Check out their video introducing the new wheel:

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