Xpedo's 5.3 cyclocross-oriented SPD-compatible pedal. © Cyclocross Magazine

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This year at Frostbike, Xpedo announced that the company is releasing new Shimano SPD-compatible pedal specifically designed with cyclocross in mind.

The company is no stranger to the 'cross world, and in the past, we've reviewed the M-Force 8 Ti favorably. We found that version to be really light at 215g, smooth, and work well with SPD cleats. It cleared mud reasonably well, but it was a little boxy, and with that shape, it occasionally let you land on the two non-clipped sides if you were unlucky.

With this in mind, Xpedo addressed this feedback and now has its new 5.3 pedal. This updated version will retail for $60 with three bearings-no bushings here-makes it look like one of the better bargains in SPD-compatible pedals.

Xpedo's 5.3 cyclocross-oriented pedal has a curved rear bail designed to make finding the clip-in side easier and mistakingly landing on the two non-clipped sides harder. © Cyclocross Magazine

For those who aren't already on SPDs, the 5.3 also comes with its own unique two-piece cleat that allows a good amount of lateral adjustment, but we've found it to be perfectly SPD compatible, and the company advertises it as such.

The pedal will come in orange, black, grey and red.

Also at Frostbike was the new iSSi pedal, which also offers an alternative to Shimano SPDs, and comes in eight different colors with different spindle length options.

For more information visit Xpedo.com.