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... first crash of season.

I threw the new Velo Vie into the flames yesterday at the local 1/2/3 race. This was a very technical, climby crit, 16 laps, 50 minutes. I had issues with the SRAM when I'd try to shift up. It felt like the shifts weren't very clean. I'm sure this is just a need for adjustment though. It climbed quite impressively, or else I was just having a good day. It's hard to tell which. I overcooked the 120 degree corner early on and ran over a cone. No doubt it corners a little bit differently then my last ride. I was on the front at the time though so only a danger to myself. I started to really feel comfortable racing on it about halfway through the race.

On the last lap, we had 6 riders up the road that weren't coming back so we were now racing for scraps. With two corners left, I was in great position in 4th wheel coming into the climb when the guy in front of me overcooks the corner and washes out. Of course, I end up riding straight over him and into a concrete barrier. Ouch. My wrist is pretty messed up but not broken. Surpisingly little road rash. And the Velo Vie? Two wheels out of true, a scrapped shifter, a scrapper rear derailleur. Not bad! Still, it was sad to have to break her in this way so early. I was pretty distraught about the turn of events.

Has anyone else crashed a new baby in their very first race?

/stupid bike crash.
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