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Hello from the islands!
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Hello from the islands! I decided to do a road race a few weeks ago put together by a local cycling group. I think I want to do more.

I've mainly been trail riding in the past 6-8 months (on my cyclocross). I know I have a lot to work on in terms of training, nutrition/ hydration, bike set up (slapped on skinny tires on an otherwise original 2007 Bianchi Volpe setup ), etc. but the race was so fun!

The race was 3 undulating loops on the road (no steep hills) that (someone told me after the race) was 30 miles in total distance. It had a bit of headwind going north. The fast group formed up ahead of me; I was in the back with the slower riders. There were 17 riders who finished ahead and 5 riders who finished after me (small group, yes). It looks like the riders in the peloton finished at about the same time - 1:31 while I finished at 1:45.

Given that the main peloton was bunched up at the finish, and (maybe 8-9) riders may have had the same finish time within 1:31, what would be the best race strategy? Is it to stay with the pack and break away towards the end? Or (if someone was fast enough) do you go out fast and maintain the lead in front of the pack for most of the race?

I am still learning and am very appreciative for your advice. Thank you, all!

Island Volpe
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