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Just got done with my first race, which was actually an omnium. Took place at the Tour of Walla Walla. Great weather, mid 60s with sun.

Yesterday started out with a 5.3mile TT. Warmed up on the trainer, and took an energy shot a buddy gave me. Bad idea. Puked about a mile and half into the TT, but passed the guy in front of me, and ended up 18th out of 50.

Later on that day had the road race that consisted of 38 miles, on rolling terrain. I knew it would be a quick race, but still wasn't sure what to expect. The finish was on top of a 3km 5% hill, which made it all interesting. Neutral start over this hill, and then began plummeting down the backside. Crazy to go that fast with so many people all around. Midway down, glance and read over 40mph when I heard a metallic clanging coming from my bike. Too scared to look down, but after about a minute realized it was my water bottle carrier, rocking back and forth. Not good. I asked a guy next to me if I could toss the bottle (had another on the bike). He didn't recommend it, so I attempted to put it in my back jersey pocket. Took about a mile of 3 attempts to reach back and get it in. By now I had dropped back in the pack. Looked behind and saw the follow car. Not good again, I was in dead last! I sprinted back to the draft from the pack and within 5 to 10 miles I made my way to the very front. Decided this too was bad, didn't want to wasted anymore energy after the previous mistake. Dropped back to about 5th and held this position for the next portion of the race. Moved to top 3 coming up to the hill, but by the time we started climbing, legs started cramping and ended up finishing 20th, just over 2 minutes behind the leader. Felt fine after I stopped, excited just to finish in the top half. Should have done better, but the hill definetly took it out of me. Kind of neat to be in last and first to see the different advantages, disadvantages of both. Definetly would suggest staying in the front, less chaos and more control.

Today had the Crit in Walla Walla. 25 laps on a 1/2 mile cours. Super nervous going into it, after hearing all the horror stories. So, I did what I was told to do. Warmed up, got on the front of the bike, and when I heard "Gentleman, start rolling!" kicked it into high gear and didn't look back! The shape of the Crit was like a P with 6 corners. By the time I rounded the last corner of the first lap, I looked back and noticed that the next guy was quite a ways back. Family watching the race said I had like a block, block and half lead on everyone else. Let up after noticing this and the pack caught up at the end of the second lap, didn't want to blow up. Stayed in the top 15, felt really good. I got confused on the last lap, and didn't start sprinting until about 50 feet from the line. Ended up getting 11th, thought it was alright.

Best of all, had a great time, can't wait to do more!! Anyone who is wondering if they should try racing, DO IT!! Even if I would have come in last place, would have had an awesome time still! Got more training to do...but overall I was satisfied, no crashes, didn't get dropped. Sorry took so long, just had an amazing time had to tell someone about it! Let me know of any suggestions you might have to help me improve.
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