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I'm cross posting w/ this in the commuter forum as well so if that's shunned upon plz delete.

I'm looking around on the local Craigslist for my first road bike that I can use for jaunts around town (15-25 miles round trip) or a weekend run (40+ miles). Possibly a few centuries in the future, but I'm really not looking into loaded touring or the like. So not really as a commuter but something that could survive that kind of treatment, poor roads or bike trails, etc w/o too many problems. Because I'll probably be locking it up occasionally in not the best places I'll probably want a U-lock? The only way I can figure (plus it would be nice to have) to store it is on a rear rack so if possible. Also, coming from a MTB, more speed would be nice. :D All of these are the right 'size' going by number but I haven't ridden anything but the current Spec Seqoia, Allez and a Trek 1 series all of which seem to fit fine.

Right now the ones that I'm looking at are..

2007 Cannondale Cyclocross Optimo 3: $715
Mainly Tiagra and a 105 derailer
The owner is the 2nd owner, but supposedly the bike hasn't gone over 100 miles. Pictures look great. SEEMS to have eyelets for a rack. Out of these it seems to be the most robust being cyclocross and taking 35c tires from the factory. 36/50 double crank.

2007 Trek 1500: $700
Mainly Ultegra components
Original owner, says 8-10 hours of saddle time. Bike looks like in good condition. Triple crank. Seems to have the eyelets

2000 Spec Allez Sport: $525
Almost all 105 components
Seems to be good condition, ~1500 miles, probably doesn't have the eyelets. Only one with an Al fork.

These I'm throwing in just because they're there... :rolleyes: :D Probably not the best things for what I'm looking for.

2005 Lemond Alpe D'Huez: $750
105/Ultegra mix
Good condition, just mainly rode on trainer.

2005 Binachi Giro: $800
All 105
Seems to be in like new condition.

Anyway, the top two that I'm looking at are the Trek 1500 and the Cannondale. There currently aren't any Surly's or Kona's in this price range that fit me. OR there's always the option of getting something like a base, but new '08 Spec Sequoia for $690 or a Trek 1.2 for $620 at the local LBS. Thanks in advance.
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