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My intent isn't to get into cycling its just to commute around the city, to and from work, grocery, friends place, etc with the hope of the bike not being stolen as Toronto seems to have a high theft rate.

So the less flashy/expensive the better. Being its the first time since I was a kid to ever use a Road Bike I don't to drop an enormous amount of money till I know for certain its what I really want.

Guess you could say I'm looking for a test run bike.
Then buy a used bike. The problems with department store or Wally World El Cheapos:

-Cheapo parts that'll wear out and break fast
-Improper assembly, including but not limited to safety equipment like say brakes.

One of my coworkers...on his 4th Amazon bicycle in 4 years. Keeps buying them and having to toss them after barely a year. Doesn't ride more than 500km a year I'd guess.
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