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To whomever reads this, I am a first time seller on this site and I am selling my Seven Axiom and Litespeed Hyperion frameset that I just posted today (5/12).....I am hoping that a bicycle specific site would be the ideal place to sell......I also posted on Craigslist but I can honestly say that I am not to comfortable on that site.....I seem to have noticed a trend in the wording of the e-mails I receive.....I notice that every person is either out of town..on vacation and has an assistant.....they also want to pay by money order.....If any of you have advise for a newbie all info is appreciated...thanks

Why am I selling?.........too many bikes..Just purchased a Time Edge Racer and have a Yeti Arc-X as my commuter...both xlnt bikes :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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