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For nipples, either the Sapim Brass Poly-Ax, or Sapim Aluminum Poly-Ax. Brass does weigh about 3x that of aluminum, but I keep reading aluminum is a pain because it is soft, because it corodes, and because it will surely weld to the rim over time (how much time?). Opinions?
I'm a exclusive user of aluminum nipples (I don't think I have a brass nipple on any of my {approx} 8 wheelsets) and have been for about 15 years with only one nipple failure. So "being a pain" is not one of their attributes in my findings. Weld to the rim? I've never heard that one before and certainly have never experienced it. I grease the seats and anti-seize the threads. Years and lots of mud later (on my MTB wheels) they're still free.

For spokes, I'm thinking either Sapim Race or Laser. I've read that the Lasers are more difficult to work with because of they are 1.5mm compared to 1.8mm. Is that a real problem?
Yes they're harder to work with. Your spoke "optimization" has to be exemplary. There's lots of help for that on my site.

I'm a pretty particular and AR guy
However bad you are I would give you a run for your money.
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