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While I have replaced rims on wheels, this will be my first 'from scratch' wheel build. I expect to get most items from bikehubstore, but so far the only purchases are the hubs, SL79 (20H) for front, and SL210 (24H) for rear. Now to decide on spokes, nipples, and rims.....

I'm a 155-160lb roadie that mostly accels at spinning on extended climbs, but also do semi-competitive group rides which result in a few sprints a week.

For rims, I am swinging between the Pacenti SL23 and Stan's ZTR Alpha 340. Seems like the Pacenti is a resounding 450g, while the 340 figures vary between 350-380g. Seems the 340 has gone through a few redesigns, resulting in the varying figures? Opinions on the rims? SL23 is slightly wider and deeper. Is a 340 20/24 at my weight do-able?

For nipples, either the Sapim Brass Poly-Ax, or Sapim Aluminum Poly-Ax. Brass does weigh about 3x that of aluminum, but I keep reading aluminum is a pain because it is soft, because it corodes, and because it will surely weld to the rim over time (how much time?). Opinions? I live in Tucson, AZ, where rain is mostly a non-issue.

For spokes, I'm thinking either Sapim Race or Laser. I've read that the Lasers are more difficult to work with because of they are 1.5mm compared to 1.8mm. Is that a real problem? About 1g difference/spoke.

Thanks for any feedback. I'm a pretty particular and AR guy, and this has been a blast calculating weights and considering the 'what ifs'.
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