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Just finished my first wheelset build with H+Son Archetype rims 28/28 with BHS sl85W and 218 hubs. 2X spoke lacing both wheels. Laser up front and non drive side. Race on the drive side. Wheelset came out to about 1530gr on paper. Did not weigh before putting tires on. Using wheels for CX, racing, and long days in the mountains. Broke them in last week on some rides in the hills around home and mountainous century and loved how they ride. Wheels will look good on my black/white CX9.

Brandon at BHS upgraded the nipples to alloy from brass. Hubs roll great with great service from BHS. Followed advice from mike T and sharod Brown websites a with getting the new Leonard Zinn book as a gift.

It was fun to and would want to do it again. Going to build up some alloy tubular 23mm rims up for CX this summer as I have CX tubulars sitting a home waiting for wheels. Have to rebuild my A23 32/32 3x wheels with new race or comp spokes as the straight gauge spokes are breaking due to stress and lots of miles on them. Making them lighter for backup race wheels besides my daily mileage wheels.

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