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I had been experiencing some issues in the nether regions lately so I decided to get a fit(after tinkering around on my own a bit).

I went through all the questions and then proceeded to get on the bike and pedal. The fitter adjusted my cleats(multiple times) and all felt better on my feet. He lowered my seat 3cm(a ton from what he told me).
The lowering of the seat dropped me more level with my bars(I had been reaching significantly). He adjusted my seat to be a little more level and also moved the seat forward a bit.
I was happy with the changes and felt much better on the bike while still on trainer. I did express some pressure on my knees and he stated that it was just a product of the seat being lowered.
I was ok with the pressure, did not hurt, just a different feel.

Anyway, I went out for a 2 mile ride to test the fit from the bike shop to get some real world time. Then I went on an hour ride the day after the fit and haven't ridden since because I am experience a tremendous amount
of IT band pain. I stretch my hamstrings and quads and also my IT band(band of fibers on the outside of my leg from hip to knee). In what has been 3 hours of riding(2 on the trainer, 1 on day after) I have never been this sore.
I have not ridden now for a week because of the pain but am going to try to ride Tuesday night and see if it loosens up.

The fitter did say after s afew rides to bring the bike back in and we can fine tune things but should I skip riding more and just go in and tune again?

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Go back and let him know what is going on.
Change is good if it works, sometimes it needs to happen in smaller increments.
The new fit may be the optimum goal but you are not there yet physically (pain is one thing not being able to ride through it is another).
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