Looking for a great gift for the cyclist in your life? It's a daunting task in these rough economic times to find the perfect gift for that roadie... Especially since the sport we love so dearly is all about personal fit, taste, and style. Well, we've compiled 5 budget gift ideas that might just give you a start! All for under $50, these ideas should work for any cyclist and do not require any personal "fit" issues.

If you have some of your own ideas, or have your own budget top 5, we'd love for you to share it in our comments section! Stay tuned for our "Coolest" Gift guide as well as our "Dream" Gift guides...

Number 5 - Water Bottles.
Yes, this isn't the flashiest of gifts, but what cyclist wouldn't make use of extra water bottles? Does he or she have a certain brand or local bike shop they like? Chances are they have a bottle. Or you can spring for one of these nifty BPA free CamelBak Podium Bottles. The choice of Team Garmin Slipstream, these bottles have been getting great reviews in our review section.

Price: $3.00 - $9.00
Official Camelbak Website - Podium Bottle


Number 4 - Road Side Repair Goodies
It's a fact, if you ride a bike, you will eventually get a flat. While most cyclist are well prepared and equipped with the tools and spares to do these repairs, you can't ever have enough of the stuff. I'm talking about patch kits, tubes, tire levers, and maybe even a small pump. These are small items, but lifesavers in the right situation. Help em' stock up on the stuff.

Price: $5.00 (patch kit, tubes) - ~$20.00 (mini pump)


Number 3 - It's getting dark, help shed some light
With winter upon us and daylight savings a distant memory, the sun is gone by 5pm. What's a cyclist to do? Well, if they had a set of these Flea lights from Blackburn, they would just strap them onto their bike and continue biking. The Flea also comes with a certain "cool gadget" factor, because new for 2010 you can get them with both a usb charger and or a solar panel charger. How's that for green? These lights are so small, it's very hassle free to take them out of your bag and put them on and take them off. Unlike some of the monster lights our very own Francis is testing out on our sister site MTBR.

Price: ~$29 per light or $54 for the full set (Front and Rear)
Official Blackburn Website - Flea Lights


Number 2 - Base Training
With the very limited sun light out after work, chances are your cyclist is hopping on a trainer at night to lay down the foundation for next year's cycling season. Why not help them get through those tedious hours on the trainer in the basement with one of these realRides training DVDs from the Saris Cycling Group? These interactive training DVDs will have them riding through some very realistic riding training terrain all while "guiding them through detailed workouts, adding intensity and duration over time to deliver real results." They're a favorite of the guys here at the office.


Former pro cyclist turned coach Robbie Ventura guides you through progressive 8-week training regiments targeting specific areas in cycling performance. Great for all riding levels and disciplines. Choose from Strength, Climb, Speed, Force, Power, RaceDay, and Ride 101. Buy now at www.cycleops.com.

Price: $39 per dvd
Official Saris Website - Training DVDs


Number 1 - Gift Certificates
Sure they're not very sexy and some people might feel it's still impersonal, but they are VERY practical. As much as we all would love to give out expensive cool new bike bling, holiday shoppers are likely to become more budget-conscious this year. So since you can't give them that new $$$ part, why not chip in for it. Most major websites catering to the roadie offer Gift Certificates/Cards as well as many local bike shops. If you're unsure, you can always opt for an Open-loop gift card, (often issued by a bank with a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express logo on them) that can be used anywhere.

Performance Bike Gift Card
Competitive Cyclist Gift Card

Again, if you have some of your own ideas, or have your own budget top 5, we'd love for you to share it in our comments section! Stay tuned for our "Coolest Gadgets" Gift guide as well as our "Dream" Gift guides…