Looking for a great gift for the cyclist in your life? We've come up with five pretty cool gift ideas that might just fit the bill. These five gifts should have that techie cyclist in your life oohing and ahhing this holiday season. If you have some of your own ideas, or have your own ideas of a great tech gift, we'd love for you to share it in our comments section!

Number 5 - Helmet Cam
This gift is gaining popularity with all outdoor sports, it's a great way to share the passion of riding or being outdoors with others. Showoff your favorite loop by recording your ride and sending it to your buddy half way around the world. We've also heard a few commuters who ride with a cam, "just in case". Gopro not only has a standard definition wide version, but also a full fledged HD version. Check em' out, Gizmodo ranked them one of their Best Gadgets for the year.

Price: $299 high definition
Official GoPro Website - HD Helmet Hero


Number 4 - New Helmets
Two exciting helmets available this year are the Giro Prolight road helmet and the Lazer Tardis TT helmet. Giro's Prolight features Giro's new fit system, Roc Loc SL, and feels like nothing more than a baseball cap on your head. If you're looking for the ultimate in time trialing helmets, Lazer's new Tardis features a unique aqua vent that allows the rider to cool off by spraying a shot of water into the top of the helmet. Through the unique channels built into the helmet the water will disperse over the riders noggin to help cool them off.

Price: Giro Prolight - $200, Lazer Tardis - $175
Official Giro Website - Prolight
Official Lazer Website - Tardis


Number 3 - Lights!
The number one light that we can recommend this holiday season is the newly released VIS 180 and VIS 360 from Light & Motion. We first caught glimpse of these new commuter specific lights back at Sea Otter in April, and recently have our own set to test and use, and we highly recommend them. The VIS 360 is a combination headlight and taillight that snaps easily onto most helmets. Light & Motion claims it's the first bicycle light to offer a full 360 degrees of visibility for the bicyclist. Daniel Emerson, CEO of Light and Motion spent a lot of time researching and found that intersections are the most dangerous places in traffic for the bicyclist, with over 72% of accidents occurring there.

"We specifically chose to position the lighting on the helmet - fore and aft - because it raises the light above the fray of other vehicle lighting and puts it at eye level for car drivers." says Roxy Lo, Industrial Designer for the Vis 260. "The Helmet light is easily directed by a nod or turn of the head, animating the cyclist and reminding car drivers to be more careful."

The complete system weighs in at just 130 grams and is hardly noticeable on the helmet because of the split design.


Price: VIS 180 - $99, VIS 360 - $169
Light & Motion Website - www.bikelightingsystem.com


Number 2 - New LOOK Kéo Blade Cro-Moly
A carbon compressed blade replaces the traditional retention spring which gives it more secure and positive cleat entry/release. The LOOK Kéo Blade Cro-Moly features the largest pedaling surface on the market for optimal power transmission and weighs a mere 115 g. Awesome. At an MSRP of only $319, you're taking on very few grams but saving quite a bit over last years Ti model.


Price: $319
Official Look Cycles Website - Look Kéo Blade Cro-Moly


Number 1 - GPS
GPS devices appeal to both the outdoorsman and the techie. The Global Positioning System allows riders to track their ride, log their stats, and see just how far, high, and fast they ride. Garmin has two models out currently that should appeal to all riders. The Garmin Edge 800 is the latest GPS enabled bicycle computer to come from the industry-leading Garmin line of computers. The 800 blends the best of everything Garmin does into one simple device that will enable cyclist to track their statistics and location with accuracy and simplicity. The Edge 800 is slightly smaller and sleeker then the Edge 705, but features a larger 2.6" touchscreen display. The touchscreen allows for a more simple intuitive navigation of menus. It's said to be glove friendly, so even on cold rides, you'll be able to get to all the features of the 800.

The Garmin Edge 800 was just released and is loaded with features, one of which is a touch screen. Check out the video below of Jake from Garmin demonstrating one.

[youtube width="640" height="385"]httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrCDlN-dJEo

Looking to spend a little less? Garmin also has the Garmin Edge 500. A smaller, less expensive bicycle specific GPS line, MSRP is only $249.99.


Price: Edge 800 - $449, Edge 500 - $249
Official Garmin Website - Edge 705, Edge 500

Again, if you have some of your own ideas, or have your own top 5, we'd love for you to share it in our comments section!