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The first thing...

that you might want to do is to do a long search of all posts concerning back problems. There have been several thoughtful threads on back problems in recent months. You will notice that I said "back problems" and not "overstretch". You might want to talk to people who have had back problems about do's and don'ts, and re-think the situation before things get much worse. You cannot stretch your back as a way out of this, or strengthen your back as a way out of this. You just need to stop doing damage to your back.

I have been fiddling around with saddle position, height, stem height and length, and bikes with shorter tt to start with. This has made my post-surgery return to cycling possible.

fouadaswad said:

After every ride, i feel tension (stiffness) in my lower back when i get off the bike and stand up straight. On the bike, i feel no discomfort whatsoever, despite my lower back problem. it is only when i want to stand up, that i feel this tension and it takes around 30 seconds to "re-adjust" and become lean in the lower back. I do stretching twice a day, and I do back and ab excercises 5 times a week. I have been fitted at a reputable bike shop, and will be going back soon for readjustments. However, before I do that, I need to get somethings straight so as to be as informed as possible when discussion time comes:

Is one option to raise the stem a bit, which would reduce overstretch? although it might be theoretically right, I have a feeling that it is not what i need.

can i put my seat forward 1 - 2 cm? how would this affect bike set-up? will my peddaling be affected? will i need to change any other settings on the bike, such like raise or lower seat?

all feedback appreciated
Thanks in advance

(NB i have posted this also on beginners forum, but am desperate for as much feedback as i can get. thanks again).
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