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fouadaswad said:
i can flip my stem to get a higher stem and play around with spacers. I am not sure about the the amount of drop. i'll measure it tonight when im home. but i noticed yesterday, that i can see the hub when i am in the drops, an need to push myself back on the seat to have my eyes, the stem and the hub all aligned.

thanks for the feedback. keep it coming
FWIW, "See the hub" as a rule of thumb isn't for in the drops, it's for on the hoods, and is only a general guideline at best.

First guess would be trying to flip the stem. Second might be a slightly lower seat - if it's set too high and causes you to rock, it can strain the back. But there's really nothing we can tell over the internet, so taking your concerns to a good fitter or coach is the best thing.
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