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I saw that Francios had posted that eruosport was going to be showing this race live. Does anyone have any info on how that works. Do you have to pay or is it free.

I know I should be very thankful that we get any cycling on american tv through oln and espn but is seems to me in the time 150 plus channels, on-demand progaming and the internet every race should be covered in some way or another. I will say that is the best thing to hit the net since roadbikereivew.

The Giro looks to be the most exciting race in a long time and to be limited to only a recap on sunday or a blury feed on my computer is disappointing to me. I know i am venting but I enjoy cycling and would love to see it more often, much to my family's dismay. I quote "You spend hours on your bike and now you want to watch it for hours too!!!"

On another note, here are some pics I took of the tour de califonia. A great time was had by all.
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