Flash-Point FP60 Wheel Set First Impressions - by Steve Cooper
  • Shimano, SRAM or Campagnolo Compatibility
  • Max. Brake Track Width Variation - .005"
  • Recommended Max. Rider Weight - 225 lbs
  • FP60 is also available in 650c for smaller riders
  • MSRP - $1300

Speedway, Indiana. What a cool name for a town. Their most speedy attraction? The Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Their second speediest? Carbon bicycle wheels from Zipp Speed Weaponry. Flash-Point wheels are hand-built by Zipp, right there in small town Speedway; the FP60 clincher is a tasty slice of carbon wheel technology at a blue-plate special price. With the wheel set just arriving yesterday, they've only had to smile pretty for the camera. Give me time to roll around on them and I'll report back with their long-term road manners.

First impression?
The FP60s are attractive. From the large, but subtle colored metallic decals on the toroidal carbon profile to the hubs' muted silver ano finish, these are handsome wheels. The FP60 profile looks to be very practical, with a good balance of aerodynamic properties, road durability, and a reputation for a comfortable ride.


Want a few details?
FP60s clinchers sport a co-molded aluminum bead and brake track, 18 bladed Sapim spokes up front and 20 out back, with a set of smooth clamping TI quick releases, a cassette body compatible with SRAM and Shimano, or Campagnolo and an aero profile that matches the shape of Zipp's fastest wheels. The hubs are substantial; they spin silky smooth, with pawls that click with a quick, clean engagement. Zipp furnished a set of their aero dimpled 21mm Tangente clinchers to mount up on the FP60s. A tight fit, but once mounted, they look killer. The included valve extensions let you run tubes with normal stem lengths.

I'd speculate these are going to durable, time will tell. The Flash-Point website rates the max rider weight for the FP60 at 225 pounds, giving me 20 to spare. And the wheels feel sturdy all-around. A medium weight wheel, they show up on the scale at 1860 grams w/o skewers. Over the long haul, I'll be testing these wheels with the current Tangente clinchers, as well as a few other tires to get a balanced perspective. On the road, there'll be a slew of fast group rides, commute miles, loops on our local TT course, and some big mileage days. Plus I'll be heading up some of our infamous Santa Cruz mountain goat grades to see first hand how they climb.

Stay tuned for the full FP60 review and road report.