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Hey all,

Pardon the posting of a rigid MTB on the forum, if you are like me, and not offended by our fat tire cousins, then read on!

I picked up this beauty Mtn Tek in a color that can only be described as the outcome of a cross-breeding experiment between the Jolly Green Giant and his Bianchi bicycle. I am guessing ther year is 1990 or 1991, solely on the LX 7 speed STI shifting and gruppo (can someone elaborate? If it helps, the chainrings are not biopace) which still works, just needed a bit o' lube. I totally dig the color, as it brings back some great memories of my Huffy of that period of my life (it wastwice as heavy and ten times as crappy), and the bikes around that time.

The thing was pretty dirty, it had been lodged under a deck for about a decade and a half, and was camoflaged by caked on grime. The paint is faded a bit on the top tube, and the rear derailleur still needs to be degreased, but all I did was swap out the dry rotted tires, cut off the foam grips (subbing with some from one of my cruiser projects till I can pick up some oury or other), clean the wheels, and scrub off all the dust/glue (must have been motor oil?).

Vertical rear dropouts, so no fixed fattie, but it is fun for its kitsch factor.

I paid Five bucks. I know it is no Sachs, but I still feel like I found a treat! I had the replacement tires laying around (Bontrager Select K's given to me, 99% new), and both tubes still held air, so I have not spent a red cent on the rig.

Tange steel + cantis = 1 fun bike!



Pardon the images, they are night-shot

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