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Fat kevlar beaded tires

wooliferkins said:
Has anybody seen folding tyres larger than 700x23? ie 25 or 28. I'm after one for a tourist who doesnt want a skinny tyre under his panniers.
Well, the obvious choices are the Rolly-Polly and the Ruffy-Tuffy! But there are others as well.

Continental makes the Gran Prix 4 Season in 25mm and 28mm foldable versions, and a few other models in 25mm foldable versions (Gran Prix, Ultra Sport).

Maxxis makes a few 25mm models with foldable beads (Columbiere, Detonator, Re-Fuse).

They have more limited availability, but the Avocet Fas-Grip SL Road is 25mm slick tire that is most excellent in everyway.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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